EFFE.BI. Who We Are

Welcome in EFFE.BI.

The founder Fabio Bresesti, began working in the light metal carpentry sector in 1977, setting up Effe.Bi. Snc. in 1987.

The firm started small (1987-88), but then grew rapidly in the ’90s to reach its current size of around 45 employees working in a modern plant of 7,500 m2 located in San Giacomo di Teglio

Production is carried out with shears, cutting lines with punching and forming, bending presses and robotised numerically-controlled cams on various types of metal: pickled, galvanized and stainless steel (304-316-430) and aluminium, all with thicknesses from 0.4 to 5 mm.

This versatility allows the firm to have an international presence in various segments of civil, industrial, naval, pharmaceutical and medical carpentry, specializing in components for the treatment and diffusion of air.

Steady, ongoing improvement in standards has for years allowed the firm to obtain in 2000 his first ISO 9002 certification of its quality system.

Currently the firm is UNI EN ISO 9001:2015. This renewed certification is one of the goals that the company has set itself to maintain and improve his quality vision, to respond to the needs of customers more and more effectively and to raise their level of satisfaction.

In 2009, Effe.Bi. began working together with important universities in the north of Italy with a view to creating an in-house laboratory for thermal and aeraulic tests in according to UNI EN 1751 STANDARD.

In addition to standard productions, we also carry out special production and processing using the most advanced 2D / 3D design methods by our technical department.

The documentation for the “Quality Policy” is available on request.

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Metal Carpentry

EFFE.BI. offers:

  • possibility of carrying out special constructions with numerical control machines and graphic video;
  • production in single pieces and prototypes;
  • specialization in assembly by inserts, projection spot welding, arc welding /MIG/TIG, bolting, riveting and clinching;
  • use of modern punching and welding stations;
  • profiling with stations up to 32 rollers.


Air Diffusion

EFFE.BI. offers:

  • Industrial grilles for large airflows;
  • Air intake/exhaust grilles, 50-100mm pitch, with possibility of subframe for wall-mounting or in door configuration.

Air Distribution

EFFE.BI. offers:

  • Control dampers 50-100-150mm pitch, with levers or with gears;
  • Marine Oil & Gas dampers;
  • Overpressure dampers;
  • Circular VAV flow regulators;
  • Rectangular VAV flow regulators.


EFFE.BI. offers:

  • Housings for filters;
  • Modular filter frames;
  • Terminal filters;
  • Terminal ceiling filtration systems for operating theatres.


EFFE.BI. offers:

  • Soundproof grilles, with possibility of door configuration;
  • Circular silencers;
  • Rectangular silencers.

Fire Resistant

EFFE.BI. offers:

  • Fire damper EN 1366-2;
  • Fire damper Solas A0-A60.

Where We Are

EFFE.BI. S.R.L. - Via Nazionale, 11/B 23036 - Teglio (SO)

Tel. +39 0342 786005


Mon-Fri 08:00-12:00 / 14:00-18:00